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Omer 4 Liters Thermos

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Omer 4 Liters Thermos

The Thermos 4 liters is a container to keep the liquid inside at a constant temperature, regardless of the outside temperature.
Designed for spearfishing.
Can maintain the initial temperature of the liquid inside (both hot and cold) for several hours allowing various types of use.
For spearfishing the most frequent use is related to dressing of open cell suits, more and more appreciated for their softness and warmth.
For dressing them you need lubricants often mixed with hot water to make it more enjoyable to put on it.
Our THERMOS with its 4 liter capacity allows to have enough hot water for one or more suits.
The second important use is related to the hot shower that you can make at the end of fishing, allowing to remove the salt from the skin.
Thanks to its large size, the THERMOS OMER may allow to get a pleasant shower with hot water even at a distance of 10 hours from the time when the hot water has been put inside.

Termic Flask weight 600 grams and height 57cm.
Width 30 cm and 4 liters capacity.

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