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Cressi Norge

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Black - 23 CM 1

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Cressi Norge

Norge is a modern design knife of the latest generation and small, with a tough temperate leaf.

The handle has an anatomic shape and is made of "soft grip" material for a secure grip. It is separate from the leaf for an integrated else made of technopolymer.

The leaf is packaged in a special tempered stainless steel, with one side of a smooth edge and another with a toothed edge.
This side of the leaf ends, close to the handle, with a cavity to cut nets and fishing threads.

The pillowcase is made of black technopolymer and has loops for fixing to the thigh or the belt. The hooking system of the knife to the pillowcase is achieved through a spring button integrated into the structure of the same and of rapid operation.

The knife comes standard with two straps that allow you to attach it to the thigh.

Technical features
Total longitude: 227 mm
Longitude of the leaf: 117 mm
Width of the leaf: 21 mm
Thickness of the leaf: 5 mm
Knife weight only: 140 g
Weight with sheath and strap: 200 g

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