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Omer Buoy Atoll

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Omer Buoy Atoll

New model of the legendary Boa Atoll with some important changes is the top of the range of freediving fishing planks.
The new Boa Atoll Omer, designed for freediving fishing and made of 420D Nylon with two inner PVC resistant air chambers, is part of a series of articles designed and tested by Marco Bardi for a specific line, called Linea Bassofondo By Marco Bardi.
Thanks to the 30 x 30 cm flag marker mounted on a 95 cm high flag pole, the Boa Atoll is easily visible from long distances.
The upper part of the buoy is bright red while the lower part is white to reduce its visibility to the fish.
The two air chambers must be placed inside the buoy before inflating them.
The inflation valves are positioned appropriately. The upper part of the buoy features 3 large pockets, 10 D-rings and two Velcro straps.
The structure of the buoy is reinforced by a 3 cm wide longitudinal band and 3 perpendicular nylon ones.
The lower part has 7 Velcro fasteners that allow you to accommodate up to 3 rifles, and 4 plastic hooks.
Professional winder and 20 meters of 1.5mm nylon line.

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