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Cressi Donatello Black/Gray

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Cressi Donatello Black/Gray

Donatello is a diving and freediving computer.
It is ideal for other water activities, thanks to the "dive" function deactivation option, which avoids unnecessary alarms during snorkeling or swimming.
It has a high contrast display.
The resistant case with a steel button has a ring nut that, like the guard, is made of plastic.
The underwater resistance reaches up to 150 m.
The double tone TPU rubber wrist strap with stainless steel buckle.

- High contrast display with very large numbers
- Easy to access menu
- 12/24 time format with calendar
- High power backlit display
- Calculation of navigation time, desaturation and non-flight time
- It lets you know when the battery is low
- Metric or imperial units

- CRESSI RGBM algorithm
- Comprehensive dive data processor
- PPO2 configuration 1.2-1.6
- Graphical indicator of CNS toxicity level of oxygen
- Safety shutdown indicator
- Multi-level security configuration
- Altitude configuration
- Algorithm for the management of uncontrolled ascent
- Suitable for repeated decompression dives over several days
- Display of time during the dive
- Add / remove deep stop
- Alarm in case of violation of the ascent rate, decompression or PPO2
- It is possible to disable the ascent alarms
- Possibility of a total reset, useful for rental purposes
- Planning: scrolling of no-decompression limits
- Maximum dive depth alarm

- Display of all the dive parameters
- Depth
- Temperature
- Diving computer
- Maximum dive depth alarm
- Diving time
- Length of the surface interval between each dive
- Duration of the dive session
- Depth alarms, dive time and surface interval
- Recovery time alarm
- Display of time during the dive

GAGE PROGRAM (without decompression calculator)
- Depth / temperature indicator
- Average depth
- Immersion time in minutes and seconds
- Restored depth stopwatch
- Display of time during the dive

LOGBOOK up to 50 dives per category
Replaceable protective shield
User replaceable batteries
Optional INTERFACE with display of the dive profile

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