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Salvimar One

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Salvimar One

New computer apnea Salvimar ONE designed to specifically meet the needs of the most demanding fishermen in apnea.
It has all of the classic functions of modern digital watches the time, date, stopwatch, countdown, alarm, second time zone.
During the plunge, they are provided in real time all critical information (instantaneous depth, dive time and temperature).
Once on the surface, it will automatically activate the calculation of the surface time (interval between a dip and the next).
The computer is also equipped with a memory that stores the dips.
The data stored for each single dive, easy to read, are: sequential number of the dive, date and time of the dive, maximum depth, dive time, and water temperature.
The battery ensures great durability.
Its replacement, to avoid a loss of guarantee, should be performed at an authorized dealer Salvimar.

Main functions:
- Depth Gauges
- Dive Time
- Surface Time
- Water temperature
- Storing dive data

Alarm settings:
- Maximum depth
- The maximum soak time

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