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Seac Computer Action Hr Black/Red

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Seac Computer Action Hr Black/Red

SEAC® ACTION are the new diving wrist computers for diving and free diving.

Easy to use, with 3 main modes:
• SCUBA MODE: complete management of recreational dive profiles with a Bühlmann ZHL-16C decompression algorithm for 1 or 2 mixtures
(air, nitrox and mixtures with concentrations of O2 up to 99%).
• GAUGE MODE: depth gauge and stopwatch for independent management of dive profiles.
• FREEDIVING MODE: dive time / surface, current / maximum depth.
• LOGBOOK MEMORY: SCUBA mode: 40 hours with recordings every 5 ". FREEDIVING mode: 18 hours of activity with recordings every 2 ".
• Safety warning: MOD alarm exceeded, decompression stop violation alarm, ascent rate alarm, NoFly time and desaturation calculations, maximum allowed altitude warning.
• "NDL only" dive planner.
• Dive Manager software for MAC / PC (requires Windows 10), available for free on
• Download data via USB cable (optional accessory).
• Ultra resistant structure treated for better resistance to impacts, corrosion and temperature changes.
• LCD screen with contrast and backlight with adjustable intensity.
• Long-life CR2450 battery.
• Available in the version with crown, buttons and buckle in stainless steel (ACTION) or with HR treatment (ACTION HR).

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