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Apeks First Stage Dst Xtx 50

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Apeks First Stage Dst Xtx 50

Intermediate pressure surge - Dry chamber first stage In a traditional first stage, the increase in intermediate pressure (MP) is equal to the increase in ambient pressure (blue line). In the use of first stages with a medium pressure surpressure effect, there is an increase of MP (red line) higher than that of the ambient pressure. This increase compensates for the greater respiratory effort required by the increase in density of the air breathed in depth. Maximum limit CE Standards EN 250: 3.00 J / It.

Apeks dispensers are tested on ANSTI machines to simulate immersion breathing. The equipment measures the inhalation and exhalation efforts separately as the depth, feed pressure and water temperature change. The test results are processed to evaluate the Total Work of the Breathing Cycle.

1st stage with balanced diaphragm ensures high performance and high reliability at any depth and pressure of the cylinders. The small internal components reduce friction and are protected from the external environment.

Air is one of the best thermal insulators. The Dry Chamber system, adopted on Apeks dispensers approved for use in cold water, is based on this factor and ensures the best possible thermal protection. The dispenser mechanism is totally isolated from the external environment and maintains its efficiency unchanged over time.

First stage:

Balanced membrane, with rotating turret
Satin chrome finish
4 outputs 3/8 "UNF MP
2 outputs 7/16 "UNF HP
All the MP outputs allow you to configure the dispenser from right to left
APEKS dry chamber system
Intermediate Pressure Surcing Effect
5th optional door

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