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Mares Rover 2s

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Silver/Black - Yoke 1
Silver/Black - Din 1

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Mares Rover 2s

Performance, reliability and simplicity.
Constant reliability over time
Oversized drain button
Ideal for diving centers or beginner divers.
Rover 2 is an excellent choice for intensive use at a diving center and for recreational divers who demand reliability.
The balanced membrane first stage uses the Mares Tri † 'material valve system; the medium-sized second stage features a lid made of soft material that makes it easy to press the purge button, even when wearing gloves.
The latest technologies offer easy, natural and regular breathing.
For simplified maintenance, Rover can also be combined with the first piston stage R2.

1 space R2S
â – ª Piston
â – ª 1 HP 7/16 "UNF outlet
â – ª 4 LP 3/8 "UNF outputs

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