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Pikotech Infinity Hood Clear

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Pikotech Infinity Hood Clear

Camouflage hood to wear over the wetsuit (light color)
- Camouflage hood with a soft and elastic mesh structure called Cryptik Skin (replicates the substrate of short vegetation that grows on the rocks)
- On the hood it is possible to apply artificial algae and posidonia with a simple Velcro system (Quick Cryptik), without resorting to stitching or gluing
- At any time it will be possible to change your camouflage by easily changing and moving the various tufts or personalizing everything with the addition of your own "do-it-yourself" creations (you can get endless solutions for a perfect camouflage in every backdrop)
- Front part consisting of a sturdy elastic net that facilitates breathing in emergence without having the snorkel in the mouth and on which it is possible to add further tufts
- Hood with passage for the mouthpiece both on the right and on the left. Close
of the neck there is an elastic strap which, thanks to a spring cam, allows the cap to adhere well
- Highly comfortable to wear and quick to remove in case of emergency
- Anti medusa

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