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Omer Line Tender Twisted

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Omer Line Tender Twisted

Omer elastic line tender for spearfishing guns.
Line tenders facilitate the attachment of the line and allow you to replace the shaft more quickly.
In addition, they facilitate the extraction of preys and absorb the shot at the end.
The line tender complements and enhances the setting up of the guns.
The line of the shaft is inserted with more simplicity in the line release also using neoprene gloves.
The line is always with the correct tension.
There are some specific hooks that allow you to easily unhook the shaft from the guns to replace it.
Removing the dipstick from a prey is easier if you go off the line and sliding the fish along the wire.
After a few shots the monofilament is consumed at the point where it is connected through a shaft and often forces us to replace.
With this system damping, the monofilament in its most critical point, lasts up to 15 times longer, thus ensuring greater safety in the capture and fewer replacements of line.
Even the head of the reel and suffer less from stress.

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