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c4 Gladius Speargun

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Black - 85 cm 1
Black - 95 cm 1
Black - 105 cm 1
Black - 110 cm 1

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c4 Gladius Speargun

GLADIUS is a monocoque speargun, made entirely of high modulus carbon fiber, precise, fast, with low friction and featuring a high stiffness of the shaft for excellent shooting stability.
GLADIUS has a cuttlefish bone shape tapered towards the tip which makes it extremely hydrodynamic, easy to handle and easy to swing.
The shapes and internal volumes have been studied for a perfect balance in the water.
It is equipped with an integrated rod guide along the entire length of the stem.
All these features make GLADIUS extremely precise.
The C4 "Auto-R" release mechanism with integrated line release can be positioned on the right and / or left side.
The release system and the trigger are entirely made of AISI316 stainless steel.
The release walnut of the mechanism is obtained by cutting and nailing that make it 100% stainless, extremely resistant to abrasion and with a rigidity much higher than any walnut, produced by investment casting or MIM.
The head, entirely made of carbon and integrated into the stem, allows a set-up with a single elastic band or pair of ø18mm elastic bands.
On the head there are, on both sides, two hook-and-loop stainless steel cable loops, and a cable loop, positioned on the base and screwed to the stem.
GLADIUS is supplied as standard with a double anatomical and adjustable Polypropylene handle.
The built-in carbon butt plate has a soft plastic support that allows greater stability during loading. The barrel of the speargun is also equipped with a special seat for housing the C4 Hercules reel
In sizes 85-95cm the rifle is supplied with a 6.5mm America rod with fins and a 16mm mono elastic.
In measures 105-110cm the rifle is supplied with a 6.75mm America rod with fins and a 16mm and a 14mm elastic.

0FC4GLA80 - 850 MM
0FC4GLA90 - 950 MM
0FC4GLA100 - 1050 MM
0FC4GLA110 - 1150 MM

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