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Omer Up-w6 Woman 1,5mm

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Omer Up-w6 Woman 1,5mm

One-piece wetsuit designed for practicing freediving in competition and training, can be used both in the pool and at the sea in warm waters.
Due to the highly elastic neoprene lined internally it can be dressed without the use of lubricants. The neoprene is smooth on the outside and this helps the athlete to slide and improve the hydrodynamics.
Thanks to the low thickness of just 1.5 mm, little ballast is needed to compensate for the buoyancy of this suit, the collar is smooth both internally and externally and adheres perfectly to the neck avoiding water infiltration.
The diameter of the collar is adjustable with an overlapped area to tear, the zipper is positioned on the back of the suit and its closure takes place from the bottom upwards through a flat nylon lanyard.
Under the zipper there is a strip of neoprene that serves to prevent the entry of water once it has been closed.
All the pieces of neoprene that make up the suit have been glued and then reinforced by internal non-through stitching so as to leave the outside totally smooth and free from friction in the water.

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