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Cressi Diver Junior 5mm

Cressi Sub
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Black 5 mm 8-9 years 1
Black 5 mm 10-11 years 1
Black 5 mm 12-13 years 1

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Cressi Diver Junior 5mm

It is probably the most common one-piece in diving centers, appreciated for its resistance, hold and ease of dressing.

Broad spectrum shaping makes it suitable for diving center equipment.

The Diver one-piece is now also available in the 7 mm version with integrated hood and front zip with the smooth + smooth Acquastop © sealing system.
Also available in the 5 mm version.

One-piece in double-lined neoprene, with incorporated hood and front zipper, for diving in temperate waters.
Very easy and quick to wear, designed to offer great freedom of movement.
The legs are preformed to allow natural, typical flexion of the limbs during kicking.
The front zipper extends from the waist to the right cheek.
A smooth neoprene gasket runs along the hood's facial profile, limiting water infiltration and increasing comfort.
Anti-wear reinforcements are applied to the knees.
At the wrists the tightness is guaranteed by double-lined sleeves, the same solution adopted at the ankles, in this case, however, combined with comfortable zippers to facilitate wearing.
Versions 5 and 7 mm.

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