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Scubapro Definition Dry Man

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Scubapro Definition Dry Man

The Definition Dry, designed for expert divers interested in an intermediate quality fabric wetsuit, is a highly respectable product, destined to last over time.
Thanks to the combination of resistant fabrics (polyester / butyl / polyester trilaminate) and the non-passing glued seams with double watertight tape, it is a product able to withstand the most demanding diving situations.
The blend of trilaminated fabrics of the Defi nition Dry wetsuit has also been certified as resistant to fungi and bacteria by an independent laboratory specialized in fabric tests.
This will help extend the life of the suit and radically reduce the odors deriving from its use.
Despite its robustness, the Defi nition Dry wetsuit remains light and has numerous features that make it comfortable and space-saving.

◊ Made of highly resistant polyester / butyl / polyester trilaminate capable of withstanding years of intense diving.
The mixture with trilaminated fabrics has been tested in independent laboratories and is certified as resistant to bacteria and fungi.

◊ Non-through seams, glued, with double watertight tape to ensure maximum reliability.

◊ BDM metal diagonal front zip which, besides being watertight, facilitates wearability in total autonomy.

◊ Latex seals on cuffs and collar, durable, comfortable and effi cient in terms of waterproofing.

◊ The neoprene collar keeps the hood in place, facilitates the positioning of the hood when wearing gloves and helps protect the
latex near the seal.

◊ The Si-Tech quality valves mounted on the new stitched padding guarantee an effi cient and simple control of the air flow.

◊ The semi-rigid socks that complete the suit are equipped with new even softer but equally protective soles that improve the anti-slip capabilities while
giving the possibility to walk comfortably on non-linear surfaces, such as shells.

◊ The velcro closures of the boots improve the fit and prevent the penetration of air into the feet. In addition, strap fins are included.

◊ Two large pockets with D-rings, easily visible blue elastic straps, high security flaps and Velcro closures.

◊ The I-Safe loops on the arms offer a secure attachment point for wrist instruments.

◊ Internal braces improve the fit and provide practical lower support between dives.

◊ The hood is equipped with an air vent system, as well as a hook to attach to the accessory pocket.

◊ Includes anatomical hood, carrying bag, low pressure flexible hose, repair kit, zip and manual wax.

◊ Officially certified as resistant to fungi and bacteria since 2018.

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