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Scubapro Exodry 4.0 Man

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Scubapro Exodry 4.0 Man

Exodry is a completely new design concept as it combines high-density, 4 mm thick neoprene with latex seams on cuffs and collar.
This hybrid version is extremely effective because it offers minimal intrinsic floating, maximum freedom of movement and an excellent watertightness.
In 2018, Exodry is featured with important new features including improved shoulder pads and knee pads, new fuzzy interior, elegant blue suspenders, and new semi-rigid footwear with finned fins with velcro top strap to enhance fit and at the same time prevent penetration of the air in the downhill boot when the head is down.
This improved version of Exodry is a brilliant choice for all types of diving and can be used with or without submersion.

The 4 mm high density neoprene resists compression, so the trim variations are reduced in depth.
The latex and wrist seals on the wrist and collar are thin yet durable and provide a comfortable watertight seal.
The comfortable jacketed jacket enhances the protection in cold waters.
The warm neoprene collar covers the latex sleeve to eliminate cool spots and enhance comfort.
The shoulder pads and knees are wide, so they offer the best anti-abrasion protection.
Semi-rigid boots embossed with velcro strap to enhance fitability while at the same time preventing the movement of air.
BDM metal sealing hinge that, in addition to ensuring maximum waterproofness, has a robustness that will last for years.
Adjustable output and Si-Tech lateral activation valves allow for precise control of the set, increasing stability and depth control
The I-Safe passers on the arms offer secure attachment points for wrist instruments.
The blue suspender system improves fit and provides practical support for the lower part of the drift between diving and diving.
The practical D-shaped, elastic ring and zip fastener pocket on the right side allows you to transport the accessories in total safety.
The accessory pocket comes with a hook to attach a hood.
They include anatomic hood, transport bag, low pressure hose, straps, repair kits, zipper and manual wax.

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