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c4 Extreme Camu Pants 5mm

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Mimetic 5 mm 1 XS 1
Mimetic 5 mm 2 S 1
Mimetic 5 mm 3 M 1
Mimetic 5 mm 4 L 1
Mimetic 5 mm 5 XL 1

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c4 Extreme Camu Pants 5mm

Internal split neoprene wetsuit and external elastic camouflage lining.
The neoprene rubber with which EXTREME CAMO is made is certified by TUV for the absence of substances considered harmful to humans and the environment such as phthalates and latex. In addition, it has a high compressive strength and excellent elastic return.
The 3D photographic camouflage of the external lining is exclusive to C4 and reproduces a typical seabed with "olive" color inserts that break the image.
The cut of the pants and jacket of the EXTREME CAMO is preformed and highly anatomical.
The low number of panels used for the assembly of the suit has allowed a reduction in the number of seams, thus increasing the suit's comfort and elasticity, especially in the armpit area.
The jacket is equipped with sternal reinforcement and protections on the elbows. The trousers have an anti-abrasion reinforcement on the knees.

EXTREME CAMO is available in three thicknesses: 3.0mm, 5.0mm and 6.5mm.
Jacket and pants are sold separately in five sizes.

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