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Aqualung Vega 2

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Aqualung Vega 2

Aqualung lamp Vega 2 non-rechargeable studied for scuba divers.
Due to its characteristics, It's considered one of the best torches on the market nowaday.
Very few underwater lamps have the same popularity of Vega 2 all over the world.
Extremely compact, equipped with a rear handle that ensures the best grip, Vega 2 implements halogen bulbs produced upon specific guide lines by TECHNISUB with the most advanced German technology.
Thanks to a special halogen gas input by pressure in the bulbs, the light is whiter than those ones of the same wattage.
Lighting power: 121 lumens, with a "life" of 16 hours.
On, off and flashing are performed with a simple flick of the thumb.
The slide secure locks the torch both in "off" position and in "on" position.


Body Material: polymer
Batteries: 5 D-size elements
Power: X-Lite Battery
Life: 16 hours
Diameter: 110 mm
Length: 215 mm
Porthole polymer
Weight in air: 125g
Weight in water: 1398g
Diameter 'Multimirror' reflector: 92 mm
Operating depth: 120 m
Mechanical Switch
Slide Secure Power
Metal Torch Ring

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